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09:06am 16/09/2004
mood: lonely
Erika is gone it feels like she has been gone forever but its only been 5 or 6 days. She gets back on Saturday though so im pretty excited about that. i cant wait to see her. Naomi still hasnt talked to me. I think thats kinda fucked up she didnt even try to say sorry and if she did.. i didnt hear her but thats ok i guess she doesnt care enough about our friendship to appologize twice.. or even once for that matter. But whatever i've talked to a few people about it and they agree with me if they did that to their bestfriend they would be kissing some ass. I dont know though. So anway me and danieland jamie went to the racest and saw some nice cars there and some shitty ones i really want to race my care but i have to fix it up first or i will get stomped. by the other mustangs out there. umm i guess thats it.. fuck off =)

bestfriends means i pull the trigger best friends means you get what you deserve

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04:19pm 26/08/2004
mood: cynical
wwaaaddd up pimpin!! So im at erika's house now. We started talking again which is grand. Erika is one of those friends... people... you cant live without. Cant live with her.. cant live without her lol. And she knows it. We made a promise to eachother that no matter what happens with us we will never stop talking. we will talk out our problems and always stay in touch. I wish that i could make that promise with more people. So anyway, i havent talked to kristi in a few days. Kinda sad but i know she is busy with work and all her shit she has to do. And school is starting soon... or already started or whatever i dont know. Speaking of school me and erika are going to homecoming together. I think it is going to be me her tony and naomi. which will be fun. I want to get a hotel after homecoming for us and a few friends. i will probably pay for it which is fine because i wont pay for it ... you know grandma will. haha.. oh well.. next subject.. ummm hrmm.. lemme see.. whats new.. oh there was going to be a fight at school but we located to the park and then the girl didnt show up so we were going to RElocate but the girl said she didnt want to. oh well. So anyway.. i think my CB is coming in today for my car. And i talked to a guy about getting a police siren .. the siren and the speaker will cost about 150. erika is reading this right now as i type.. i hate her .. she is dumb.. haha erika read this!!

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long time..   
12:19am 18/07/2004
  so0o.. yea life has been holding its own. Nothing too drastic has happend. my mom went out of town for a week... believe i wasnt home at ALL during the night.. and when i was.. i was in my jacuzzi partying with people. So this week was a party that never ended. I quit my job.. blah who needs it? Im going to go look for another one within the next 2 days.. i know i can get one with no problem.. so im in no rush. Its great having a family with lots of ties.. =) So my mom has gotten really cool lately.. gawd i love her. Damn 93.3 is playing gooooood techno tonight.

I wish matt would call me.. but i think he is sleeping. I feel like going out right now and doing something.. hrmm.. i wonder what i can do. I would go to flirt but i know by the time i get there it would be about 2 ish and i would only be there for an hour b4 they closed.. so thats pointless. I think on friday im going to club sky because i know the dj and he is going to get me and Matt in VIP.

Ahhh i dont know if i wrote about this last time but i got a new car. Damn its hott. I got an '04 ford Mustand Mach1 . Believe its fast as all hell. Im putting a blower on it so i will be pushing over 500 Hp in my car by thanksgiving. I need time to get $5,000 to put it in my car. Cause thats how much the blower costs.. plus someone has so install it.. but i know someone who will do it for me for cheap.. and money isnt an issue so im not worried

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12:36pm 18/04/2004
  OK so me and matt are on the fone and we are talking about my car accident. Yea thats right i wrecked my car. Someone hit me oh well.. no car for like 2 weeks. So anyway yea me and monica hung out like.. thursday of last week.. fun shit. It was like the old days again.. so yea. But me and the twins are arguing over whether or not they are going to warped tour ... i say no.. they say yes. HAHA I WIN! So anyway.. blllaahhh i have to end this.. because imma kill a little kid in a minute.  

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03:42pm 09/03/2004
Fight Club!

What movie Do you Belong in?(many different outcomes!)
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09:39pm 16/10/2003

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08:41pm 12/10/2003
  I feel sick.. i want to throw up.. what is wrong with me...  

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my puppy   
10:32am 29/09/2003
  my puppy

my puppy2

my puppy3

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10:13am 29/09/2003
mood: happy
I got my dog yesterday. mini teacup Yorkie =) Her name is Spades.. and she is the best.

I hate the way some people say certain things. It bothers me.. they are such liars. Like.. grr. They are just fake about everything. Maybe not everything just certain things. w/e i dont want to get into it.

Friday night was awesome. Me, 'Ness and Michelle had to break in MY car! So we went around spinning tires EVERYWHERE. I went through McDonalds.. spun tires.. (thats the new hang out lol) fucking tampa kids! We went to Taco Bell, Steak N shake, And B-K. They held there hands like guns and they were pretending to shoot people as they screamed things. We had so much fun. I loved it. Then we went to Ybor. We walked around for a while talked to the sercurity people and told them to "WATCH MY CAR" lol. Yea we had hella fun.

I turned in my application for a job a Panera Bread co. They work there and they gave me the idea of working there too. So i turned in my app. today. If i get that job.. it would be so awesome

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07:09pm 11/09/2003
  In an effort to get people to look into eachothers eyes more
the governemnt has decided to allot each person exactly one hundred and sixty seven words,per day

When the phone rings, i hold it to my ear without saying hello.
in the restaurant i point at chicken noodle soup. I am adjusting well to the new way

Late at night, i call my long distance lover and proudly say:
I only used used fifty-nine today
i saved the rest for you

When she doesnt respond, I know shes used up all her words
so i slowly whisper I Love You,
thirty two and a third times. After that, we just sit on the line and listen to eachother breath

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